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Culinary Nutritionist

You love beautiful, wholesome food. (When someone else prepares it.) Nutrition? Oh yes, you know a lot about that. After all, you have an entire bookshelf devoted entirely to diet and nutrition. You’re a voracious reader!

But sometimes you wonder which plan to follow. And frankly, there is so much conflicting nutritional information out there. . .

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Nourishment Counselor

You sometimes feel like you have a love-hate relationship with food. Enjoying a beautiful meal without guilt or remorse sounds absolutely delicious.

In fact, you’d LOVE to stop counting calories, tracking points, and giving up the foods you enjoy. But that sounds a little scary.

You’re ready to lean into a warmer, more nourishing relationship with both food and your body. And you could use a little hand-holding.

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Marketing Strategist

You’re a health counselor, a practitioner, a healer. You’re a coach. You have a big heart and lots of good ideas. You’re pretty sure you’re doing your life’s work but sometimes you have a little trouble organizing your ideas or orchestrating your plans.

And sometimes, you have a little trouble seeing your gifts. If only you had just a little more marketing savvy. Or a crisper way to articulate what you do.

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