You love beautiful, wholesome food. When someone else prepares it. Nutrition? Oh yes, you know a lot about that, too. After all, you have an entire bookshelf devoted to ‘diet and nutrition.’ You’re a voracious reader. But sometimes you wonder which plan to follow. And frankly, there is so much conflicting information out there, you really don’t know what to eat anymore.
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You’re complex, intellectually curious, and creative. Most of your life has been about service. Perhaps you raised a family or flourished in a career. Most likely you did both, and beautifully, too. And now, it’s YOUR turn. You’re ready to start nourishing yourself more fully in all aspects of your life: at the table and beyond. But frankly, you have no idea where to begin. Maybe it’s time to start that blog. . .
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You’re an entrepreneur, a healer, a creative. You’re a coach. You have a big heart and lots of good ideas. You’re pretty sure you’re doing your life’s work but sometimes you have trouble organizing your ideas and ‘orchestrating’ your plans. And sometimes, you have trouble seeing your gifts. If only you had just a little more marketing savvy. Or a crisper way to articulate what you do. . .
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Are you ready to expand your culinary universe with some elegantly easy recipes? I’m a master of the ten-minute meal. I fell in love with food at my grandmother’s apron strings where ‘slow food’ was a ‘practice’ instead of a movement. I’d love to tickle your palate with a few of my favorite sprinkle, splash, swirl & savor™ recipes. Simply enter your name and email address below. My ‘No Longer Asleep at the Meal’ ebook awaits you.

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