A Repertoire of Ease

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You made it through the holidays!

Me, too.

It’s not always easy, I know.

It can be a busy and bustling season, filled with ‘should’ and ‘have to’ and … ‘you MUST!’.

And the food, oh the food. It’s glorious and gluttonous, sometimes too salty, often too sweet. Full of memories and traditions and … how many cookies can we really eat in one setting? (Don’t ask.)

Ha, I love that about holidays.

And then … there’s the return. I want you to know that even I (on the other side of body hate for over a decade now) still imagine I’ve gained twenty pounds after a holiday season. I look in the mirror and I see ripples and puff. Sometimes they’re real. (When I travel, I swell.) More often, they’re not.

Thankfully, I’m far more resourced now. I know how to return graciously.

This year I’d like to support YOU in ‘the return.’ Why? Because everywhere I look I see women ‘resolving’ to do to better in 2018. To knuckle down and get a grip, once and for all, on their weight or their life.

In my experience, there’s a much softer way to approach the new year. And it doesn’t involve willpower or diets or cleanses or faulty nutritional belief systems like eat less and exercise more, more, MORE!

If those approaches really worked we wouldn’t be starting all over again every year. With more resolve.

I’d like to walk you through a few of my touchstones.

• Four weeks.

• Twelve invitations.

• A private Facebook group where you can continue to interact with me and to support each other long after the class ends.

Plus: stories, poems, reflections, a bonus SoulCollage® play date (if you’re interested) and the wisdom I’ve gained in working with many, many women just like you.

And yes, there will be some recipes, too! The theme this year is “comfort.” Perhaps we can create a little cookbook with our favorite recipes. I’m thinking SOUP!

You’ll even savor a few of my Conscious Bites Concepts, in your own time, at your own pace. The emails will arrive on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, over the course of a month, but you can take as long as you like to ponder and integrate the material.

This course will take place in community in a secret Facebook group where you will be lovingly tended by me.

In it you’ll:

• Identify the habits and food*i*tudes that are keeping you from enjoying (and maintaining) a well-nourished life
• Deepen your nourishment story
• Learn to let go of anything that no longer serves you, at the table… and beyond
• Make mindful, conscious choices about the foods and practices that nourish you deeply so that you can develop your own ‘prescription’ for health
• Trust your intuition
• Laugh often and much
• Reclaim the pleasure in the kind of eating (and living) that is, indeed, your birthright.

~ 12 inspiring emails over the course of four weeks
~ gorgeous recipes that I have created, curated or adapted
~ an intimate look at my personal nourishment story
~ a secret Facebook group where we can interact and PLAY!
~ the very best compilation of my work that I’ve produced to date


Join me in creating ‘your’ repertoire of EASE?

one month, nurtured and nourished by me

only $97

My gift to you in celebration of the 10-year anniversary of Conscious Bites Nutrition!

Begins Sunday, January 28th

Tuition is non-refundable. The journey begins the minute you register.


quote-2Sue Ann, your story is so beautiful… and inspiring. At the ripe age of 64 I am finally learning to savor and to enjoy eating. Not totally there yet, but on the right path. Thanks for the inspiration.


quote-2I really enjoyed this course. It was different than anything I’ve taken from you in the past but there was plenty of food for thought. There were also snippets of stories about you that I didn’t know. That is what I love. Hearing the stories. They give me hope.


quote-2I like the idea of approaching changes with EASE and positivity. I can drink more water each day instead of 1/2 my body weight in ounces. I can add more vegetables to my day by simply cutting them up to grab when I’m hungry, or putting them in my smoothie or a salad or cooked at dinner. This doesn’t have to be hard.


quote-2Oh my gosh, Sue Ann, EASE #5 is awesome! This particular invitation feels like it was written specially for me because I am in that place of having to accommodate my son and also my husband’s needs and preferences. My picky 12-year-old and my husband who has food sensitivities. Thank God for breakfast and lunch, which I can make to suit just myself. Love your breakfast ideas – will definitely try them.


quote-2What a joy your emails have been. My habit is lemon water in the morning. I discovered last week that a teaspoon of honey makes it go down so much easier and I find myself choosing it before the my cup of decaf. Thanks so much for all the love you are sending our way.


quote-2Beautiful eCourse! Thanks for sharing your story. I love this tale of self-compassion and healing.


quote-2I loved your gentle guidance and warm, encouraging voice – like a close friend talking to you. Thank you.


quote-2Your eCourse left me with a sense of space and room to breathe. Eating shouldn’t be stressful! You left me feeling like, “I can figure this out.” It made me thoughtful. You didn’t fill it with “7 easy ways to make dinner” and then leave me feeling more stress than ease. Thank you for making this course both affordable and enjoyable!

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