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Love What You Eat

You love beautiful, wholesome food. When someone else prepares it.

Nutrition? Oh yes, you know a lot about that, too. After all, you have an entire bookshelf devoted to “diet and nutrition.” You’re a voracious reader.

But sometimes you wonder which plan to follow. And frankly, there is so much conflicting information out there, you really don’t know what to eat anymore.


You and I would make a delicious duo if:

A body wisdom approach to nourishment sounds refreshing

You’re ready to expand your culinary universe

You look forward to the day you can climb into bed with a delicious novel instead of the latest health or nutrition book

The idea of having a culinary coach in your corner sounds like the most exquisite gift you could give yourself

You’re ready to take back your plate and you wouldn’t mind starting with chocolate


About Me

I’m Sue Ann Gleason, food lover, food writer, food-based healer. I inspire women to trust their intuition, unravel their food stories and take back their plates, one luscious bite at a time. If you want to create a nourishment menu that sustains you and feeds you exquisitely for the rest of your life, you want to LOVE WHAT YOU EAT.

I can help you:

  • build a repertoire of foods that nourish and delight you
  • figure out which foods support your body and which foods you may want to eliminate or replace
  • create 10-minute meals that make your palate sing
  • make gradual, nourishing, and sustainable changes in your diet that leave you saying, “Yes, I can easily do this…for the rest of my life.”


Here’s how I work

I create a cozy, nourishing spaces in my home or online, where we look at things like your food story, your likes and dislikes, the foods you enjoyed as a child. Then, we find new and interesting ways to elevate your eating experience.

If you have food sensitivities or a health issue, we look at that, too. Food is an integral piece of the healing journey.

I show you how to use basic flavor-balancing principles so that you are not dependent on recipes or exotic ingredients that send you scurrying around town or surfing the web. I’m a master of the 10-minute meal.

I teach you about mouth feel and mindset so that you know how to satisfy your desires in healthy and delicious ways.

There are no “bad” foods in my culinary world, though we may find better options. We won’t “conquer” your cravings or “control” your portions. The only thing we’ll “cleanse” is your palate. . .

as you move from one luscious bite to the next.

Together, we’ll figure out how to expand your culinary universe with foods that nourish you from the inside out.


We’ll get along famously if you

• love chocolate

• are charmed by the words culinary curiosity

• believe that healing can be sweet, food is art, and pleasure is sacred

• are thrilled by the idea that you can fall in love with food, eat chocolate every day, and still enjoy vibrant health


Sound like a good fit?

Check out the Delicious Duo Session on my programs & services page or contact me and we’ll plan a chat over tea and chocolate.

Enthusiastic Endorsements

In addition to learning about how to nourish my body with delicious foods, you enlightened and fortified my soul.

This work has truly been life changing for me. You opened up a new world full of wonder and delight! This is exactly what I needed in my life right now and I couldn’t be more grateful.

In addition to learning about how to nourish my body with delicious foods, you enlightened and fortified my soul. Each session opened my heart and mind to new ideas, new opportunities, and new beginnings. It has been exciting to be a part of a circle of women who share their journeys, as well as their talents and dreams.

Thank you, Sue Ann, from the bottom of my heart, for your teachings, your guidance, your coaching and also, your passion to share your knowledge and wisdom. These past twelve weeks have been a warm and nurturing nesting place, providing encouragement, strength, direction and hope – thank you for such an incredible gift!

Joanna Waggoner | Reston, VA

Not only am I slowing down and savoring my food, but I’m also slowing down and savoring my life.

After years of crazy diets and beating myself up around food choices, you helped me release my negative attitudes around food. You taught me to slow down, savor the experience of cooking and eating, and love myself in the process. I no longer judge myself by the number on the scale or mindlessly stuff my face. Instead I eat what feels nourishing and enjoy every bite.

Words alone cannot describe shift I’ve experienced in my life from working with you and just being part of your community. Not only am I slowing down and savoring my food, but I’m also slowing down and savoring my life.

Denise Ellis Stewart | Suwanee, GA

I’m learning to be more gentle and listen to my body and what it needs.

I used to abhor and unconsciously abuse my body with stress and exhaustion, sugar and caffeine. I am now slowly, sometimes very slowly, learning to be more gentle and listen to my body and what it needs.

I’m feeling much more hopeful. Some days my body feels almost like I always imagined it would. I’m “leaning in” to savoring food. I’m avoiding sugar and caffeine and finding that, more and more, my body is craving healthier foods. Thanks to the moon and back again, Sue Ann.

Yes, I still go back to my old ways once in awhile, but I have great hope that in working with the Conscious Bites Concepts, I’ll heal, especially the adrenal fatigue that I didn’t even know I had before beginning this journey. And, as a big bonus, I’m having a lot of fun preparing delicious, nutritious foods. Eating healthy is both creative and yummy.

Judith Nasse | Taos, NM

I’m learning how to respect and nourish my body, mind and heart.

Through your wise council and teachings, I now find myself surrounded with nourishing ideas, new approaches to old problems, support and love. Sue Ann, you are a master in your knowledge. Your gentle suggestions were important to me as I am such a rebel. I no longer diet. I nourish myself in more ways than eating. I am learning how to respect and nourish my body, mind and heart. I know this is a life long process.

Thank you, Sue Ann, for your wonderful work and passion for balance in nutrition and in life.

Lynette Neal | Washougal, WA

Clearly my brain and body appreciate this more compassionate approach.

Love, love, love the gentle rhythms. In life, with food, and with everything, really. I get so very mad at myself for not being perfect. I make elaborate lists or tracking mechanisms in Excel (sometimes with a green/yellow/red scorecard). I usually shoot for radical, harsh changes. Initially it feels good to set the goals. But then, after only days or a week, I feel like a failure when I stop using whatever “system” I created . Clearly my brain & body appreciate this more compassionate approach.

Christine Eberle | Leesburg, VA

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