Can’t Go Back

Thank you, Mr. Trump. I know right? If you’ve been following me on social media you’ve seen a side of me that has never before emerged in my writing. For the first time ever I brought politics into my “social” sphere. I remember the first day I spoke up in someone’s Facebook thread knowing my […]

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Anatomy of a Meatball

My food life has been a little challenging of late. I mentioned my perfect storm a couple weeks ago and all that I was learning about radical self care in the process of healing. Yes, me – the self care queen – still learning. My radical self care journey began in earnest the day I […]

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The Perfect Storm

I wanted this to be one of those cases where you walk into the doctor’s office after doing “the work” (meaning all your nutritional and holistic protocols) and she says, “Wow, I don’t know what you’re doing to heal but whatever it is, keep up the good work. Your blood work looks amazing!” It wasn’t. […]

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wild comfort

What’s She Reading? (summer ’16)

I’m calling this the summer of self care. Deeply delicious and oh-so-necessary self care. Aside from the moving meditation that comprises most of my kitchen adventures, one of my favorite self care practices is crawling into bed with pages that turn. My bookshelves often reflect the landscape of my life. This summer I found myself […]

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Unconditional Love

I dreamed of you last night, a visit from the other side of the veil. It was decades ago. You were standing in a pew smiling at your nephew as he said his vows holding the hands 
of his beloved. I was sitting on the other side 
of the church eyes riveted on you. It […]

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Aunt D_500

Many Mothers

“Hey, I thought about you yesterday. You like recipes don’t you?” “I do!” “Well, I’ve got one for you. Noni Puffs. (Like Sfinge.) Here, write it down. You got a pencil?” I feel myself grinning as I listen to this voice from my past. Aunt Dee. My mother’s brother’s wife, one of the many women […]

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Never Leave Me to My Own Devices

image source: Arriving the recommended two hours prior to departure always seems like such a virtuous accomplishment. I enter the TSA PreCheck lane eager to get through security so that I can grab one last bite of Colorado cuisine before boarding my plane. Maybe even a bison burger. I’ve never eaten a bison burger […]

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e. tomato.cauliflower

How Do You Stay So Thin?

How do you stay so thin? The question was innocent enough. I had been posting my food forays from France all week and believe me, when I travel to France, it’s no holds barred. It’s the one place I can enjoy a loaf of crusty glutenFUL bread and not worry that someone is going to […]

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