Never Leave Me to My Own Devices

image source: Arriving the recommended two hours prior to departure always seems like such a virtuous accomplishment. I enter the TSA PreCheck lane eager to get through security so that I can grab one last bite of Colorado cuisine before boarding my plane. Maybe even a bison burger. I’ve never eaten a bison burger […]

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How Do You Stay So Thin?

How do you stay so thin? The question was innocent enough. I had been posting my food forays from France all week and believe me, when I travel to France, it’s no holds barred. It’s the one place I can enjoy a loaf of crusty glutenFUL bread and not worry that someone is going to […]

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I have been holed up in my writing cave for the past few weeks, barely coming up for air let alone those gorgeous meals I love to share. Today I sat down to write this post and I found myself kind of wordless. I know, hard to believe, right? I’m rarely at a loss for […]

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Most Nourishing Soup Ever!

I try to limit my social media interaction to just one or two venues since keeping up with all that is just … too much. So even though Pinterest is like eye candy for the visually inclined (that would be me) and I use it more as a digital filing cabinet than an active place […]

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A ‘Course’ in Laughter

Don’t hate me. I love everything about the hustle and bustle in a holiday-infused kitchen. I don’t mind at all that it takes, days, maybe even weeks, to create a feast that’s going to be devoured in an hour. I have fond memories of huge holiday feasts, some of them fabricated no doubt. The details […]

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Dear Dad …

Dear Dad, I came across this phrase today: the anatomy of grief. It reminded me that I had a letter to finish. I started this letter on the eve of what would have been your 94th birthday. I like to mark your birthdays with a celebration. I know you’d want it that way. First, we […]

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Google Alert Tells Me I’m Dead

photo by Cami Flake I received a Google Alert in my inbox this past week. It informed me that I was dead. At first I thought it might be true. I’ve been feeling a little dead these past few days. So much sadness and strife in the world. Beirut. Paris. Mali. My tender psyche has […]

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A Sift of Lost Faces

“Your dad appears to be exhibiting some passive aggressive behavior. He’s ‘pocketing’ his pills.” I’m startled by the words that greet me as I take my place at the too-big table in the icy conference room, the only room in this assisted living facility that has air conditioning. My sweet, docile father. Even in his […]

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Grains Be GOOD!

Do you remember when whole grains were considered healthy? You’d walk into a really good bakery or step up to the wholesome breads booth at your local farmers market and say, “I’ll take the seven grain loaf.” And it would feel warm in the bag under your arm and you’d take it home and slice […]

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