Delicious Duo Culinary Session

Pull up a chair, sip a cup of tea or a glass of homemade kombucha and prepare for a culinary adventure.

Would you like to spend a morning in my kitchen? I’ll cultivate your culinary curiosity and elevate your eating experience by introducing you to foods and flavors that are not only healthier and more wholesome, but far more nourishing. Body and soul kind of nourishing.

First, I’ll ask you to complete a detailed health history and palate pleaser™ so that I understand your likes and dislikes, health concerns, food sensitivities, and the unique story that colors your food life. Then, I go shopping and put together a customized tasting menu. Yes, just for you. You’ll learn about flavor balancing, the elements of taste, mouth feel, and how to honor both your palate and your foodie sensibility. There’s nothing quite like a hands-on experience in the kitchen with a culinary nutritionist who truly loves what she eats.

One week later, we meet on the phone to see how you are integrating the material. You and me, over tea and chocolate.

ARTful eating at its best!

Shall we schedule that?
Cost: $597

Hi Sue Ann,

Thank you so much for all your help, your listening, your teaching, and your kind heart.

I had so much fun in our Delicious Duo Session. You had everything so organized and it all flowed so well. It is clear that you are truly gifted in the kitchen.

I wanted to share with you my first 10-minute meal. Already! When I returned home from our session, I was tired. My husband had a client, my son had to go to baseball practice, and I was hungry. I needed to eat something quick. They had just eaten cheese quesadillas and that sounded good to me. Then, I remembered the goodie bag you gifted me with. I placed Romaine lettuce, hummus and the lentil sprouts you gave me on a rice tortilla. Yummy and quick.

I really loved the green juice and would like to include that in my diet. I’d love to sprout nuts too, and everything you did actually. I will start small—the smoothies and the steamed greens are my first step.

And, as an added bonus, when I went back to the doctor last week, they weighed me. I lost 9 lbs in the 3 weeks that I’ve not been eating wheat, dairy and sugar. I was so surprised. I hadn’t even thought about weight loss and I wasn’t exercising that much. What a lovely side benefit! I am very excited that my husband now wants to eat more this way as well. My son told me yesterday that he likes this ‘new healthy eating’ that we’re doing. He has added more veggies and raw nuts and seeds to his diet while still enjoying the foods he normally eats. He loved helping me set up the jars with the nuts and seeds. He likes the way it looks! He now loves cacao nibs, too. His words, “Eating healthier really does taste good”.

Thank you again,

Monica Chaney

Charlottesville, VA


Private Coaching (Delicious Duo Deep Dive)

journal_cropped_200Do you have specific health concerns that are keeping you from enjoying a more vibrant, well-nourished life?

I work with a select number of highly motivated women who are ready to take charge of their health and start enjoying sustainable and delicious nourishment practices.

If you’re ready to engage in a 3-month program to reclaim your health and possibly release some of that weight that isn’t yours to carry, contact me for a free 20-minute consultation to see if this is a good fit for you. This work is done via telephone or SKYPE so I am able to meet with women anywhere in the world.

What makes my programs unique?

Instead of filling your brain with a lot of facts and information hoping you’ll make lasting changes in your life, I’ve developed cutting-edge Conscious Bites Concepts that will stay with you long after the program ends. Kind of like a little voice in your ear whispering, “Keep the Rhythm.” Or, “Consider the Source.”

First, we’ll abandon outside-in approaches like counting calories, tracking points, letting a scale determine your self-worth, or eliminating entire food groups.

Then, we’ll slowly implement changes that are both deliciously satisfying AND sustainable. I use a body wisdom approach to nourishment. Your body is truly here to support you when you’re ready to listen to her wisdom.

Are you ready to ‘lean in’ to a warmer, more nourishing relationship with food and your body?

I have a pretty good track record. Let’s connect.

Dear Sue Ann,

Where do I start thanking you for helping me change a major part of my lifestyle? Since working with you I haven’t looked at food or cooking the same way. Cooking is no longer a dreadful experience that I have to deal with every single day. I’ve become a master at prepping healthy and delicious food. 

I always ate healthy to a point, but then I would fall off the wagon with snacking between meals, like having a Snickers® candy bar to fill my sweet tooth. I no longer eat wrapped candy bars filled with GMOs. With your simple solutions for alternative ways to snack, I’m eating much healthier treats. I no longer feel guilty about snacking every now and then or about what I eat. I know this is going to sound silly, but food tastes so different now that I’m more aware of flavor and my taste buds. 

When we first spoke, I mentioned to you that I suffered from Ulcerative Colitis and Ankylosing Spondylitis. You were so understanding of my UC and worked around my ‘can’ and ‘cannot’ eats showing me how to do the same. I am feeling great, better than great, I feel excellent! I have the energy once again to hit the gym at 6:00am every morning and have a productive day. The inflammation throughout my body has gone down as well. I don’t know how I can ever repay you. You changed my life. 

I can’t thank you enough,

Babak Shahbodaghloo

Bethesda, MD

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