to whom it may concern

I am just listening to the call now and doing some of our ‘snippet’ writing, Sue Ann. I wish I could express in words how incredibly profound your call is, your voice and all that you are expressing and sharing. I feel so emotional (in a good way!), that kind of swelling heart deep yummy bring you to tears with melancholy, remembered pure love, and a more innocent time. Here is my first poem (Leap!):

Feathery dill in wrinkled hands
Placed in a simmering pot of red broth
Her warm smile
And husky laugh
Savoring life with spoon and heart
Memory breathing in my mind
As alive today as that shimmery summer day
I dream of her sometimes
We embrace
I revel in the moments
She is with me
As I wake
She disappears
In the fog of time
But for a moment
I can see her hands
Feel her heart
Hear her voice
And I savor this

I’ve saved this for last
Let’s not be
In a permanent hurry
Around the table
Sit well
Supper with friends
Chopped fruit
Sweetly comforting
Deep bowl
Lightly stirring
Drizzle with olive oil
Indulge the children
Virtue or vice
Always room for a brownie

Lisa Jemus | Calgary, Alberta

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