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Easter Egg Smash

When I was a kid, I lived on a great street … well it was actually a cul de sac … where the neighbors did a lot together. Yep Panarama Court … it had about 11 houses. We had block parties, Christmas plays and Easter Egg Smashes. Not familiar with Easter Egg Smashes? Let me fill you in….

Starting in January, my friend’s mom (Mama Elaine, who I called my second mom, as well as the other moms in the neighborhood) would start saving egg shells. Anytime she would make something using eggs, she would carefully make a hole in the bottom of the egg shell to allow the yolk and egg to escape keeping the shell in tact.

We would dye the eggs in bright blues, yellows, pinks, oranges and sometimes a mix of all of the colors … kind of a tie-dye effect. Then we would fill them with confetti, lots of confetti.

The adults would hide the eggs for the kids to find in the egg hunt. The eggs you find, you could smash them over anyone’s head you wanted to, even an adult’s head. They were nice and even bent over for you so you could do a proper smash. How cool is that!

Whether you were the smasher or the smashee, you would have confetti everywhere ~ hair, clothes, all over the lawn ~ for days and days. It was a lot of fun!

Mama Elaine started the traditional Easter Egg Smash on Panarama Court but another neighbor, Myrtle Hendricks, reminds me that it came from the Pax church where they did it for 20 years. She said that a couple from San Antonio introduced it to the PAX community and they learned it from Mexican immigrants!

On the menu was roast lamb, deviled eggs and Myrtle would make her famous coconut frosted Lamb cakes with jelly bean eyes.

Linda Roisum | Nokomis, Florida

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