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Does your food life feel a little uninspiring from time to time?

Would you like a culinary lift?


I’d like to shower you with inspiration for two straight weeks.

Be prepared to. . .
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10 Days of Emails (over the course of 2 weeks)

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10+ Sprinkle, Splash, Swirl & Savor™ Recipes

apple salad

10+ Outstanding Culinary Blog & Book Recommendations

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10+ Chocolate Recommendations + A Chocolate Education


10 New Ways to…

Rock Your Nutritional World

Delivered via:


Daily Emails

Inspiration, challenge/invitation, and assignment. Monday-Friday for two weeks in July AND two weeks in August.


Telephone: two ‘live’ telecalls plus two pre-recorded bonus calls

We’ll have a kickoff call, two pre-recorded guest interviews and a live Q & A at the end of our two week culinary excursion.

MP3 recordings will be delivered to your inbox within 24-hours if you can’t make the live calls.




Bonus: Facebook Forum

Yes, I LOVE using Facebook to share amazing recipes and inspiration and to nurture and grow communities.
You will too, I promise. The Facebook forum stays actively engaged long after the course ends. I’ll be holding that space for you all summer, in fact. Then, we’ll pop in once a month to reconnect and share what’s on our plate.

Food loves company.

Not on Facebook?

No worries. I’ll keep you highly inspired and motivated with the daily emails alone. The only thing you’ll miss is “the party.”


Two Rounds
Join us for either or both at no extra cost.

July 20-August 1
August 10-August 22

Are you in?

Come play with me this summer!

Two options:

solo journey: only $57

all of the above plus a 50-minute ‘Delicious Duo’ call
you + me
ask me anything: health, business, reinvention . . .



Who am I?Sue Ann_img_2943_250

Sue Ann Gleason: food lover, food writer, food-based healer (aka culinary nutritionist).

I inspire women to trust their intuition, unravel their food stories, and take back their plates

one luscious bite at a time.


Who are my special guests?

Aran Goyoaga

AGoyoaga_Lena Hydephoto credit: Lena Hyde

Aran Goyoaga, full time food-writer, stylist and photographer, was born and raised in the Basque region of Spain in a family of pastry chefs and farmers. From her grandmother’s kitchen to culinary school to an award-winning blog, Cannelle et Vanille, Aran brings with her both a reverence for food and a beautiful aesthetic to match. She’ll talk about her family’s journey to gluten-free living and how easy this transition can be with a focus on fresh, wholesome ingredients.

I was lucky enough to grab a spot in one of her weekend food and prop styling workshops and was thrilled to continue the conversation. Wait until you see her gluten-free Chocolate Hazelnut & Buckwheat cake recipe. Oh my! Meanwhile, check out her book, Small Plates & Sweet Treats.

Maria Speck


Maria Speck is a food writer, journalist and cookbook author. She has contributed to Gourmet, Saveur, and Gastronomica, as well as Marie Claire and Elle. Her popular cooking classes in Cambridge, Massachusetts focus on the flavors and cooking styles of the Mediterranean and on creating innovative and delicious meals with whole grains.

I met Maria at a book festival in Baltimore, Maryland. I am completely enamored with both her narrative and her books: Ancient Grains for Modern Meals and Simply Ancient Grains. At a time when grains are, once again, on the questionable list, it is refreshing to view the nourishing aspects of Old World staples such as barley, farro, polenta, and wheat berries as part of our culinary fabric. Maria talks about the contrasting cultures at her family table. She was raised by a Greek mom (fervent home cook) and a food-loving father from Germany. For me, her book represents the perfect blending of cultural heritage and contemporary food trends. Her recipes are full of stunning flavors and lively textures.


Why would you want to spend a couple weeks online with me?

First and foremost, everyone should have a food loving culinary queen in their court.


I’m just a whole lot of fun to be around when it comes to food. I come from the NO DEPRIVATION school of culinary delight. I believe we need to stop taking foods out of our diet and start savoring every nourishing bite that crosses our lips.

Hang out with me to:

EXPAND your food repertoire,
fall in love with food, and
take leaps of faith in the kitchen.


I’ll let my program participants tell you the rest.

quoteI looked forward to the daily emails and prepared each recipe, each day. Thank you for the insightful intentions you so eloquently shared. Your lovely voice carefully expressed my personal beliefs about nourishing our body and soul. Well done!

quoteYou had me at “eat.” From there you expanded my culinary universe in the most delightful of ways. Sue Ann, you are a passionate and generous coach who I trust to guide me from one luscious bite to the next. I wholeheartedly recommend EYWTG to anyone who wants to learn to do just that, and have some lip smacking fun in the process.


Sue Ann, thank you for the past ten days of tenderness and nourishment. I really enjoyed my daily check in and connection to you and all the other gorgeous ones. I now have soooo much beautiful information to dive into when life slows down a bit.


I loved seeing the beautiful, fun, engaging interaction between you as the leader/organizer,
Sue Ann, and the women in the private Facebook group. Your encouragement, with a dash of humor and kindness is a fabulous ingredient for ‘nurturing’!


I now honor the ‘ritual’ of planning my meals, shopping for provisions, and the preparing, savoring, and (most recently) cleaning up after my meal by staying present in the moment.


I ate Kale!!! At least 5 times. I take away a beautiful mix of poetic, artistic, loving and a kind spirit who introduced me to a world of food that I once observed from the outside looking in.


I’m taking you with me, Sue Ann. Every time I eat, I ask, “Is this beautiful food? Am I savoring it?” Sometimes the answer is a big, “No!” But more and more it is, “Yes!”


I am so much more motivated to spend a few extra minutes (yes, minutes) to prepare delicious and healthy food. Eating my way to gorgeous every single day.


My big takeaway is that there is space in permission. Giving myself permission to have dairy, to have bread, to have eggs. This has made all the difference in the world. My body has relaxed. I don’t feel the urgency to go out to eat so I can get my “fix.”

quoteI learned that food is fun. Food can be adventurous. And I think I’ve eaten nectarines with mint for for the past ten days. Yum!


I learned that simple and sumptuous is the way to go, how to experience the flavors that present themselves in a four-ingredient bowl of deliciousness. Yesterday I was in heaven eating steamed zucchini, mashed avocado, grated Gouda and pistachios and seeing you, Sue Ann, in my mind’s eye.


Sue Ann, I just wanted to tell you that you unwittingly had lunch with me today! I was getting ready to makes something that I “should” eat, when what I really wanted was a simple sandwich and a cuppa tea. I heard your voice ask me, which one will you savour most? I filled my sandwich with lots of veggies and it was the best sandwich and cuppa tea I have ever had! And I smiled all the way through it!


This wasn’t just about the food. It was about taking notice of the many little things that I could do to feel gorgeous. It started with my kitchen and then I looked at all the things I could do for myself to feel gorgeous—like getting outdoors, getting more exercise, getting places I need and want to be even if that poses challenges.


My takeaway? PERMISSION.

quoteI loved getting my creative juices flowing again FOR ME and not in service (as lovely as that can be) to someone else.


I learned that it’s okay to have fun with food, be gentle and take pleasure in the experience of food.


I’m loving the whole expansiveness in the idea of “taking back my plate” and having a love affair with food. And ALWAYS love sharing space with you, Sue Ann.

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