“I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.”
— Hermann Hesse – Demian

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If you listen to enough podcasts and read enough personal and professional development books, you start to believe that everyone else has the answers you need. I see this every day in my own life and in the lives of so many of the women I encounter.

And, while I love that we have access to so many wise guides and thoughtful dissertations about how we should be living and “why” we struggle so, I can’t help but wonder what our lives would look like if we spent less time listening to all those experts and more time cultivating the language of our own wise insight.

Good question, right?

Here’s what I do. When I find myself relying too heavily on my head, at the expense of my heart, I look inside my nourishment kit and I find the practices and principles that bring me back to center. SoulCollage® is one of those practices. It’s kind of like consulting your very own Tarot deck, created with images chosen intuitively by YOU.

Are you getting curious?

Seena FrostSoulCollage® Creator Seena Frost Talks About Aging
video: Katherine L. Ziegler | co-editor Jacob Rangel

The SoulCollage® process was developed by Seena B. Frost, an accomplished painter, sculptor, poet, writer, gardener, teacher, mentor, mother, and friend to all who were graced by her presence. The seeds for this process germinated in her studies with Dr. Jean Houston, an American author involved in the Human Potential Movement.

Seena refers to her work with Dr. Houston as “an incubating womb that immersed her in the world of myth, archetypal psychology, and various spiritual practices.” Seena’s SoulCollage® process evolved over time, in the context of her psychotherapy practice. Seena saw collage as “a metaphor for discovering, gathering, and reweaving energy-bits already formed and present in the universe.” Her favorite quote: “When the soul wishes to experience something, she throws an image of the experience before her and enters into her own image.” —Meister Eckhart

SoulCollage® is an easy, accessible process (and practice) that allows you to access your inner wisdom and create art at the very same time. The best part? You need no artistic talent whatsoever. (I promise.) Sometimes a pile of images sitting on my desk find their way into a collage without any planning at all and then voila! A SoulCollage® card.

My story …

I discovered SoulCollage® about a decade ago. I created and consulted my cards pretty consistently at first and then, as I became more and more immersed in growing my nourishment counseling practice, my SoulCollage® deck stopped growing. When my dad passed away I returned to my cards in earnest.

They greeted me in my grief.

Sometimes just the mere act of slowing down and immersing myself in the beauty and mystery of my cards is enough to open my heart and soothe my spirit. What I love most about SoulCollage® is that it provides me with a fresh perspective. Each time I create or consult a card, my mind quiets and I remember to go inward. SoulCollage® teaches me to trust my inner whispers. For me, the process has become a daily practice. A deepening. I like to think of it as a moving meditation: a way to quiet the endless chatter in my head so that I can pause in the portal that creativity opens. I’ve never been very good at maintaining a meditation practice but this … this I can do.

There is so much more I could tell you about this process but I want to leave you with the lighter side of SoulCollage®. While this can, indeed, be a deeply spiritual practice, there is also much humor and laughter and loving intention. We even create cards for the various parts of our personalities that drive us to distraction. I have a card for my inner critic. I named her Ms. Saboteur. When her voice gets especially strong, I pull her out of my deck and I remove her from the very room in which I am writing or working. That gives me sooooooooo much more room to create.

Ms. Saboteur

illustration by Amy Meissner, 2001, used with permission

I am your inner critic.

I am one who nudges you 
and rattles you 

and undermines the very ground 
you stand on. 

I will turn your world upside down 

if you let me.

I’m just trying to keep you safe.



Recently  I am finding that more and more ‘happy child’ cards are showing up in my deck. This one is The Innocent Child. She reminds me of the potential for sacred beauty in all things. I simply need to open my eyes a little wider.

innocent child_400
I am one who looks at the world

through rose-colored

I am innocence.

I am endlessly curious.


SoulCollage® has become an integral piece of my nourishment practice. My facilitator training process opened up a whole new level of inquiry that I now bring to both my clients and my online groups. I can’t think of a better way to nourish self and others while tapping into an intelligence that allows us to loosen our grip on habitual, left-brained ways of processing ideas and information so that we can more fully enter the language of intuition.

You might say my art is moving from plate to palette, a SoulCollage® palette. I’ve never been more excited. Will you join me?

Next up:
An Introduction to SoulCollage®
as a Nourishment Practice

When: Sunday morning, January 14th, 11:00AM EST

Where: We’ll meet on my international conference line + a private Facebook page

For how long? Plan on two hours (11:00AM to 1:00PM EST). Plus, you’ll have a full week to listen to the recording (if you can’t make the live call) and to interact with me and with your SoulCollage® tribe before the Facebook page goes ‘poof’! That’s where we’ll post snapshots of our work. (Optional of course.)

What you’ll learn:
• a brief history of, and introduction to, SoulCollage®
• how to create cards that support you and delight you
• what it means to speak from an image
• the power in learning to consult/read your cards
• the principles and practice of SoulCollage®
• where to find the best resources

What you’ll make/take:
• two or more SoulCollage® cards
• a pile of images to use in creating future cards because, once you begin this process, you won’t want to stop

What you need to bring to the call:
• a pile of magazines and anything else you’d like to cut up (old calendars, greeting cards, catalogs, books, etc.) National Geographic magazines and travel brochures are awesome for backgrounds. ANY magazine will do, the more variety the better. Trust the process; the images will choose YOU.
• glue stick
• scissors
• cardboard or card stock (5×8 inch rectangles are ideal)

Mostly, I want you to experience the value of community in making and sharing SoulCollage® cards. Scroll down for “deeper study” option.


Cost $27


Screen shot 2016-05-18 at 8.38.18 PM


A Deeper Dive into the SoulCollage® Process

eight weeks of material
+ as much time as you need to integrate, practice, post, and play!

Beginning mid to late January 2018

via beautifully crafted emails
a private forum in which to post and practice
online “play dates” to keep you engaged and enthused


This is an opportunity to take a deeper dive in to the practice and privilege of engaging in this process for an extended period of time in the company of spirit-rich women on a similar path. It also means that, at the end of our eight week journey, you are part of my Inner SoulCollage® Circle where you can continue to practice, post and play with like minded, spirit rich women. I lead periodic “play dates” for this group at no cost on Zoom.

What you’ll take from this experience:
• a sustained SoulCollage® practice; expect to create and consult three or more cards per week
• a deeper understanding of the suits in a SoulCollage® deck
• confidence to approach your cards with curiosity as you consult the wisdom they hold for you
• meaningful ways to interact with your SoulCollage® deck (readings, visual journals, organization)
• intimate connection with your SoulCollage® sisters in a safe supportive environment
• a trusted guide at your side (I tend deeply.)
• SoulCollage® as a nourishment practice




Screen shot 2016-08-21 at 4.28.44 PM


The Living Room Tour

When: TBD

For how long? Plan on three hours, plus you’ll have five full days to interact with me and with your SoulCollage® tribe on a private Facebook page if you’d like to practice, post and play!

What you’ll learn:
• a brief history of, and introduction to SoulCollage®
• how to create cards that support you and delight you
• what it means to speak from an image
• the power in learning to consult/read your cards
• the principles and practice of SoulCollage®
• where to find the best resources

What you’ll make/take:
• two or more SoulCollage® cards
• a pile of images to use in creating future cards because once you begin this process, you won’t want to stop

What you need to bring to the event:
• a magazine or two that you don’t mind cutting up for our “image swap”
• your favorite scissors
• your appetite


Cost $47


Kind Words from the SoulCollage® Circle

quote-2I knew I was meant to take this class. You are such a skilled, compassionate and gentle facilitator, Sue Ann. You envelop people in a conscious, comforting, and creative essence. I feel so seen, held and nourished in your presence. Thanks for holding such a wonderful safe space for us. Deep bow to you … and this important work. It seems you were born for this kind of thoughtful reflection, nurturing and gentle guiding. Thank you phenomenal woman! —Electra Ariail


quote-2What really has me excited about Soul Collage is that I get to create cards for the various pieces of me: the filmmaker, the caregiver, the artist, the chef. And, cards for the people in my life who carry a particular wisdom like how my grandmother always had an open door, all welcome. I love how these cards help me tap into a wholeness that I often forget in the busyness of my days. You have a gift for creating safe, sacred spaces for learning. I can’t wait to continue this journey with you! —Cami Flake


quote-2I am one who – loves SoulCollage®, who could easily find it addictive, who found wisdom and hidden depths and intuitive messages within the collages I created that hold, as yet, untold stories. thank you. —Mary McConnell


quote-2Beautiful Sue Ann, I just wanted to thank you so much for your ‘Introduction to Soul Collage®’. For me, the experience was both moving and profound. The processes and practices you introduced in this course have opened up new gateways to my own intuitive wisdom. They are also proving to be a delightful and playful source of creative renewal. Your facilitation of the initial call and the Facebook dialogues ensured that our sharings and discussions were enriching and heart-centred. I loved that you introduced us to some broad principles and established ways of working, whilst all the time stressing that there are no hard and fast rules and that the processes are ones that invite us to make them our own. I cannot wait for the deeper dive to begin. —Karen Littleton

SoulCollage® is grateful to the artists and photographers who make this deep awakening process possible, and in all ways SoulCollage® seeks to be respectful of their rights. SoulCollage® cards are not to be sold, traded, or bartered; they are to be reproduced only for the personal use of the maker of the card. SoulCollage® cards may be shared as examples to illustrate the SoulCollage® process, but it is a principle of SoulCollage® that SoulCollage® cards are not for sale, trade, or barter. [from “The Principles of SoulCollage®”]

More information about Seena B. Frost and the SoulCollage® process can be found in her book, SoulCollage® Evolving and at

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